For over 25 years, iMIS has been ranked the #1 enterprise level Association Management Software in the world.  Ascension is an award winning Authorized iMIS Solution Provider providing implementations, upgrades, staff training, and plugin software development.

  The landscape for today's associations has changed.  There is more competition than ever before, traditional revenue drivers are under threat, and member expectations are evolving.  Your association has to be ready to offer innovative, new online programs and learning experiences that complement traditional in-person events and appeal to more members, whenever and wherever they want to access them.  Brightspace for Associations from D2L allows your to transform the experience to meet educator's and learner's needs, no matter where or who they are.

  Built for your convenience, mosaic apps' are engagement tools that create value and provide an ultimate user experience for your members. Our objective is to help further your revenue generation, cost reduction, and user experience goals in a cost-effective manner.

  BlueSky's live virtual event planning and facilitation experts help organizations connect to their membership without stressing over technical details. By electronically capturing, managing and delivering important educational content in their powerful online learning management system (LMS) and digital library, associations can distribute spoken-word education more efficiently and open new revenue streams by making popular content available live or on-demand. Streamline member education and participation with a single, integrated platform that helps leadership make more effective immediate and long-term decisions for the association.

  This collaboration app for associations brings users together in one centralized, mobile hub for year-round connectivity and improved communication. Clowder™ apps are native and fully customized with individual branding and the freedom to select the features most important to each network. 

   Enhance the experience for your members with online community and marketing automation - two powerful solutions that have a record of increasing engagement. 

   An award-winning, powerful learning platform, connecting learners to transformative education and certification programs
    Fuse Search is an intelligent federated search tool, designed for organizations that have digital assets spread over multiple data repositories, cloud sources and social media.  Organizations are always asking us “How can we use our content to optimize engagement?” Our answer is “Discovery drives engagement”. If users find relevant content from ‘all’ your sources in one search, they're going to see your website as a global resource. How cool will it be when your members pull in Rise, Higher Logic, LMS, job board, AMS, and social media content that matches their searches? Now they have another reason to visit and stay longer. 

Acumen is a data analytics platform built exclusively for associations.  
With Acumen, associations get a single source of truth for your data with a full 360-degree view of your members’ activity.