iMIS Single Sign-On Plug-In for WordPress

The ease of use and versatility of WordPress creates a multitude of opportunities for your staff to create engaging member content.  Our innovative integration tool allows your organization to combine the look, feel, and dynamics of both WordPress and iMIS RiSE to boost member engagement to new heights. This single sign-on WordPress integration tool will enhance and simplify your iMIS customers’ on-line experience.

Single-Sign On

Using the standard out-of-the-box iMIS OAUTH2 Single Sign-On iPart, our innovative WordPress single sign-on plug-in allows users to simply sign in with their existing iMIS credentials without creating additional accounts in WordPress.


With our dynamic integration tool, users easily navigate your iMIS RiSE and WordPress sites without interruption under a single user account and login. ArisePress creates continuity and ease of use for active members within iMIS RiSE and WordPress.


With ArisePress, organizations can secure WordPress pages based upon the user’s member type.  Security options are easily applied at the page level, and any user without the appropriate member type will be restricted access to those defined pages.


Ascension’s AriseProducts deliver the tools you need to create engaging and robust web pages using WordPress and iMIS RiSE. Connecting your iMIS RiSE and WordPress websites and pages using ArisePress will help increase on-line engagement and customer retention.

|    According to W3Techs, WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the Internet.

The reason behind this success is the versatility that allows WordPress to be easily deployed within small personal blogs and small business websites to powering Fortune 500s like Sony Music and the Forbes blog.

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