Let's Role

            With simpleAssign, you get one complete solution for role assignment. Not all members are equal. Some may need a different set of permissions to access your website, manage company rosters, or pay company dues like with simpleOrgPay.

One user many need several levels of access, or you may need to quickly assign roles to hundred of users. Simply assign roles in mass and save yourself some time. Within simpleAssign, there is an easy-to-use admin tool which allows you to manage users and assign their roles within the system.  

simpleAssign simplifies the process by:
  • Selecting the IQA Query you want to use  
  • Selecting the "Role" you want assigned 
  • Select "Assign To Role" and off you go 
What if the "Role" already exists for the record? It simply skips over the record.
Want to remove "Role" in mass? It will take care of that too.

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